Newborn baby, maternity / pregnancy, & family photographer Elmers End

I’m a professional photographer located not far from Elmers End. For me, photography is a way of life and I adore capturing those special moments with my camera. I specialise in wedding, newborn baby, maternity/pregnancy, family and fashion photography. I generally work from my bright, well-lit studio in Bromley but can travel to you in Elmers End if that’s what you’d prefer.

Elmers End Photography Prices

My prices are very competitive and start from as little as £250 for a 2-hour shoot. If you’d like me to visit you in Elmers End rather than travelling to my studio, please check with me first so that I can give you a specific price that includes travel. Click here to view my price list.

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Newborn Baby Photoshoots Elmers End

If you’ve just given birth, capturing beautiful images of your newborn baby is the perfect way to preserve those precious memories forever. It’s also a lovely way to look back at your pregnancy by having beautiful images of yourself too.

If you live in Elmers End, it’s only a short journey to my studio in Bromley or I can travel to you instead. If you’re travelling to see me from Elmers End, I’ll send you suggestions on what to bring along to the shoot when I send you your confirmation booking email.

Newborn baby photographer Elmers End BR3

Family Portrait Photographer

Of course, we all know that kids grow up way too fast and before you know it, they’re fully grown adults.

My family photographer portrait packages are the perfect way to save a snapshot of family life at any given moment in time.

Family photoshoots are ideal for couples, small or large families and, if you want several generations present at your family portrait photoshoot, you can invite the grandparents along too!

I offer both Standard and Luxury packages at very reasonable prices.

Family portrait photographer Elmers End BR3

Photoshoots for Children

My photography package for children is the perfect way to capture your young family all together at the same time.

Although it’s similar to my family package, it differs insofar as it allows me to devote all of my attention to the kids interacting on their own.

Child/children portrait photographer Elmers End BR3

Maternity/Pregnancy Photoshoot Elmers End

I simply adore maternity photoshoots and being able to capture the unique moments of pregnancy is a very special experience.

If you’re a mum-to-be, I recommend booking your photoshoot when you’re around 25-30 weeks pregnant as, by this time, you’ll already have a lovely bump and probably won’t be feeling too tired to travel from Elmers End to visit my studio.

My studio is the ideal place for your maternity/pregnancy photo shoot but if you’d prefer me to visit you in Elmers End, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Maternity & pregnancy photographer Elmers End BR3

Wedding photographer Elmers End

Capturing the multitude of unique moments that occur on your wedding day in Elmers End is a one-time opportunity so it’s crucial to get it right first time. Whether it’s the organised family group photos or your own father’s unique version of his “dad dancing” on the dancefloor, I’ll be there to capture the moment.

Wedding photography isn’t just about gathering your guests into groups for a pre-determined shot, it’s also about finding opportunities to snap the more natural, spontaneous moments that occur between the numerous interactions all of your guests, both young and old.

Wedding photographer Elmers End

Fashion – Modelling/Lingerie Portfolio Photoshoots for Elmers End models

As a former plus-size model myself, I have an abundance of experience and understand exactly what’s required when it comes to fashion photoshoots.

Unlike some of my other packages, fashion and modelling photoshoots are best when conducted at my studio in Bromley, rather than visiting you in Elmers End as good lighting and specialist equipment are required to achieve the best results.

Fashion modelling portfolio & lingerie photography Elmers End BR3

Elmers End BR3 – Enquire Or Book A Shoot

If you live in the Elmers End area, please get in touch if you’d like to book an appointment at my studio or would prefer me to visit you instead.

I cover all of Elmers End and the surrounding areas including:

BR3 – Beckenham, Elmers End, Shortlands, Eden Park, Park Langley

Professional photographer Elmers End BR3

Professional photography Elmers End BR3

Elmers End factoid

There’s no doubt that Elmers End is a curious name for a town and you may be wondering where it came from. Who was Elmer and how did he/she meet their end? Well, it’s nothing quite as mysterious as that.

In fact, there was a common theory that The place name of Elmers End originated from the Aylmer family who were wealthy landowners in the 1200s, but this theory had largely been discounted due to the fact that the family’s clan rarely left the Great North Wood area which is now the area occupied by Norwood and Crystal Palace.

It’s now widely agreed that Elmers End comes from the term “Elmerus” which was the word for “traitor” in Anglo Saxon times. Notably, The Green of Elmers End was a place of numerous hangings in the 1400s and 1500s and so was a common location that so-called traitors met their end.

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